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Sugar Beach, Bantayan – Room Rates, Food, & Ambiance

Okay guys, here is the second part of the detailed review about Sugar Beach, Bantayan that I promised you. The first part, written in another post, is all about how to get to Sugar Beach. For this post, I will be telling you the room rates and I’m going to review the food and the overall ambiance of the resort. Enjoy! ^_^

Before everything though, it must be understood that Sugar Beach is no 5 star establishment. It is a beautiful area in Bantayan, but very basic. Its prices are also affordable, hence it has become a favorite place among locals and foreigners alike who are keeping a tight watch on their purse strings. The rooms there, although spacious and some have air conditioning, are made out of cheap materials such as bamboo wood , bamboo leaves, and/or inexpensive concrete. And they are not equipped with high-end furnishings. Basically, you’ll get a bed and a very basic bathroom. In some rooms, the toilet flush may not work properly that you may have to use a pail of water for flushing. Some sinks might even be clogged. However, if you are looking for a place that will let you access the beauty of nature for a price you can manage, then Sugar Beach is a great place to go. Besides, you would not probably be spending a lot of time in your room since the white sand, the warm sunshine, and the cool blue waves will be calling out to you. So backpackers and holidaymakers who are not really fussy about getting luxurious bedrooms and have a positive attitude and hunger for adventure, give Sugar Beach a try. You will not be disappointed.

Room Rates:

Okay, so now let’s discuss those room rates. To avoid giving you a hard time, here is a table for easier reference. Note though that this is only a guide and prices could change without prior notice. As for where I got this information, there was a board by the entrance listing all the resort’s room prices, so I just copied everything there. 🙂

Sugar Beach Bantayan Resort Room Rates

(all prices are in Php and per day)

Tidewater Hall – Small Rm Front (Air-con & Bath)


Tidewater Hall – Big Rm (Air-con & Bath)


Tidewater Hall – Medium Rm / Front (No Air-con w/ Bath)


Tidewater Hall – Big Rm / Back (No Air-con w/ Bath)


Tidewater Hall – Small Rm (No Air-con No Bath)


Sea Breeze Hall – 5 Bedrooms (8 beds, 20 Bamboo sofas, & bath)


Air-con room (near entrance gate)


White Duplex (Room A)


White Duplex (Room B)


Green Duplex (2 Rooms)


Yellow Amacan (Nipa Hut)


Orange Amacan (Nipa Hut)


Family No. 1 (2 Rooms & 4 Beds)


Family No. 1 (2 Rooms & 4 Beds)


Family No. 1 (2 Big Beds)


Couple Room / Balcony (Yellow)


Couple Room / Balcony (Blue)




Flower Rooms (per room)


Social Hall (Chairs & Tables)


Open Cottage


Small Tent (space rental)


Medium Tent (space rental)


Large Tent (space rental)


Prices can change w/o prior notice

***Extra bed (more like an extra foam/mattress) by the way costs 150.00 php.

 TIP: Call Sugar Beach to confirm exactly how many people a particular room can accommodate. Their contact number is: 0921-775-5058. It is advisable that you call, not text. That is because the people there would not reply to your text. So to make your bookings faster and stress-free, give them a call. 🙂


Okay, now let’s talk about a matter very close to Filipinos’ hearts – food. When it comes to the treats you can find at Sugar Beach, Bantayan, expect plenty of dishes made from the bounty of the sea. Talaba/oyster, fish, shrimp, crab, squid – all these and more can be served on your table if you so desire. To get a handle on your meals and to maximize your budget, be aware that there are basically three ways of filling your stomach at Sugar Beach.

1.) Eat at the cafeteria 

  • Sugar Beach has a sort of open-air cafeteria that sells delicious food. The resort does not have a restaurant because as mentioned, it is not really a high-end place. Viands cost Php 30.00 – 35.00 per serving, which is good for one person. One cup of rice at the cafeteria is more or less Php 15.00. One liter of soft drink is 30.00 and one bottle of 500ml mineral water is 20.00. TIP: If you are going to this resort w/ friends, order one type of viand each and then share amongst yourself. That way, you cut down your costs per person but you still get access to plenty of delicious dishes ^_~
  • Expect basic cooking for your food. There is none of those fancy food preparation you always see at big restaurants. Still, I believe you will enjoy the dishes served to you. Take for example if you order shrimp. This would be cooked by just adding a few spices and seasoning and that is it. Basic, yes, but when you taste it, you will definitely delight in the pureness you get. There would be no question that you are eating shrimp. Now pair that with some oysters, squid, or crab and the bounty of the ocean will not fail to satisfy your taste buds.
  • The only downside to this is that the cafeteria is located near the entrance, meaning you will not have a sea view when dining. Plus, depending on the time of the year, there might be plenty of flies around. Not enough to drive you crazy but enough to be a distraction.

2.) Let the kitchen staff cook and deliver food to your room or cottage

  • If you prefer to eat with your family or friends in your chosen room or cottage facing the sea, then this is the way to go. Here are the prices that you need to deal with:

all prices are in Php and may change w/ prior notice





sinugbang baboy / grilled pork


cooking service charge



90.00/kilo (includes service charge already)

5 gallons of water (the one you place on a water dispenser)

75.00 (no dispenser included)

contact Sugar Beach beforehand to know what other food they can cook for you and how much

  • This is how it works guys. If you wish for one kilo of crab to be cooked for your group, for example, you need to pay the resort 250.00 plus service charge of 40.00. Now, if you wish to add one kilo of prawn, pay 290.00 plus 40.00 more. Now, if you are ordering many food varieties and the service charge is weighing you down, try to bargain with the kitchen staff. They are open to it. Just do it nicely. 🙂
  • It is advisable that when ordering food this way, you do so an hour or more earlier before your planned eating time. Say for example you want to have lunch by 12 noon, then make sure you ask the staff to cook for you at 11am or 10 am. This is because it would take time for them to buy the ingredients and then prepare and cook your food. If you do not give them enough time, expect your meal to be served late, something you really do not want, right?
  • If you are staying in a room but want to eat in a cottage (nipa hut) by the beach, you can do so for no extra charge. Just ask the staff to deliver your food to the vacant cottage you have chosen.

3.) Go to Bantayan town proper and eat at the food joints or barbecue stalls there (this is technically not eating IN Sugar Beach anymore)

  •  Hire a tricycle or small jeepney to take you to the town proper (sort of the business & residential center of the island) and back. To do this, simply go to the entrance gate of Sugar Beach and you can easily find tricycle drivers there that you can negotiate with. If you are worried about your safety (although I think the people in Bantayan are very friendly and safe), then approach the resort staff instead. Ask them to help you with hiring a transport to the town proper.
  • The advantage of doing this is you get a few hours of seeing another part of the island. You’d get to see more of how locals live and interact. Points of interest in the town proper include a very old church and a small park. The place is quite quaint, so just lay back and enjoy yourself. 🙂 Also, there’s an ATM machine in the town proper just in case you run out of cash.
  • Now back to the eating part. Just tell your hired tricycle or jeepney driver to take you to the barbecue stalls near the market. By stalls, I really mean stalls, which, if you are a foreigner, might look like a collection of none too clean hovels at first glance. However, do not be discouraged because barbecue stalls are popular among the locals and they do serve delicious grilled pork, chicken, and fish plus puso (hanging rice). If you are concerned about stomach aches, then going there might be too much of an adventure for you. But I’ve eaten there plenty of times and did not get any problems. Still, everyone has different physical conditions. You know your body best so heed your own judgment.
  • With that said, even if you are not going to eat there, it might still be worth your time to tour the town proper for an hour or two. ^_^

*** For those of you who wish to be spoiled when it comes to food, the restaurants in the high-end resorts in Bantayan are open to you, so you can go there anytime. 🙂


Now that we have covered the food and the room rates, let’s talk about the overall feel of Sugar Beach, Bantayan. I know this has become another long post again and just in case you are bored already, I’ll just make this quick.

Basically, the resort is a simple haven you can visit when you are stressed, looking to get in touch with nature, trying to satisfy your craving for a white-sand beach, or when you  just want to spend quality time with friends or family. It is nothing fancy, just a basic place to relax in and enjoy. ^_^

I planned to include lots of pictures here but that would make this blog a lot longer, so here’s a slide show instead. Enjoy! ^_^

There you go guys, I hope you find this post helpful to you. If I missed anything, simply ask your question in the comments section below. And if you have been to Sugar Beach lately, it would be much appreciated if you share your adventure here too. Tell us what you liked or didn’t like? Would you go there again or scrap the place from your memory? Do share your opinions. Other readers will definitely find your insights helpful. Thank you very much ^_^

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